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I-95 and Oslo Road Interchange and Widening Project

The proposed project includes the construction of an interchange of I-95 and Oslo Road in southern Indian River County. Oslo Road currently crosses over, but does not provide access to, I-95 at this location. The proposed interchange would be located approximately 5.5 miles north of the existing Indrio Road/SR 614 interchange and 3.8 miles south of the existing SR 60 interchange. The new interchange is designed as a rural diamond interchange with partial clover leaf loop ramps. The project also includes the widening of Oslo road from a two-lane facility to a four-lane divided facility from east of 82nd Avenue to 58th Avenue. The project also includes the replacement of the existing Oslo Road bridge over I-95. Due to the proximity of the interchange, the existing 82nd Avenue will be relocated east and 86th Avenue SW connection to Oslo Road will be eliminated. The project will include a new construction of 13th Street SW which connects 86th AVenue SW with 90th Avenue SW.  

Other project improvement include:

  • An open drainage system that is interconnected by piping to stormwater treatment facilities to collect, convey, treat, and attenuate stormwater runoff. The proposed treatment facility consists of dry retention pond(s).
  • Signing and Pavement marking.
  • Lighting the interchange ramps, replacing the impacted lighting on I-95 due to the widening, and providing underdeck bridge lighting.
  • New signalized intersections at Oslo Road and 66th Avenue SW.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which involves the relocation and/or replacement of the buried filber optic cable that Indian River County uses as their signal interconnect for their transportation management system. 
  • Extension of south limit of noise wall on I-95.
  • Replacement of county sanitary, water and raw water mains.
  • Landscaping is also proposed for the interchange to be installed under a separate project sometime after the construction is complete. The proposed landscaping includes the planting of trees along the ramps and the borders of the infield areas and terrace walls on the embankment fill slopes approaching the twin bridges over I-95.  

The project complements previous four-lane widening projects on Oslo Road east of the project limits from Southwest 58th Avenue to Southwest 27th Avenue. The result will be that Oslo Road will be a continuous four-lane roadway from I-95 to US 1. Overall, the proposed improvements will allow Oslo Road to operate as a main arterial providing east-west movement of local, regional and truck traffic. The Indian River MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan identifies a need for rural bike lanes and wide sidewalks along Oslo Road.

 Right of way acquisition is required for the roadway corridor and for the off-site ponds.