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I-95 and Oslo Road Interchange Design Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  How can I get involved?
You have the opportunity to receive project-related information through this website and the public information meeting. You are encouraged to register to get more information on the Email for Updates page of this website.

Click here to be added to the email or mailing list and receive project updates.

How can I obtain the latest project materials?

The latest materials for the design of Oslo Road will be available on the Documents and PublicationsDocuments page of this website. Please check back regularly for updates as the project is constantly evolving.

When will construction begin?
• The project is currently funded to begin construction in Spring of 2026. The plans are anticipated to be completed by December     2022. This project is a priority and will be ready for construction in case funding becomes available at an earlier time. 

• The project website will be updated if funding is advanced.

When is the next public meeting?
Notice of public meetings will be posted on the Public Notices page of this website. Please check back often for details on upcoming meeting locations and times.